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Joy Park Montessori is proud to offer a greatly designed English-Chinese Montessori classroom that is filled with authentic Montessori materials. Our materials are carefully curated to promote hands-on learning and are used to teach a range of subjects, including language, math, science, and practical life skills. Each material has been designed to appeal to a child's natural curiosity and to promote exploration and discovery. Our classrooms are carefully organized and designed to encourage independence and foster a love of learning in our students. By using authentic Montessori materials, we provide our students with an immersive and effective learning experience that promotes both academic and personal growth.

Toddler Program

(18MO - 3YR)

The Toddler program, for children 18 months and up, takes advantage of the toddler’s natural drive to act independently.


Joy Park Montessori provides a specialized environment that is carefully designed to support and enhance the growth and development of each child in their care. The school's curriculum is tailored to the needs of toddlers, with a focus on fostering independence and self-reliance. By creating a welcoming, engaging, and language-immersive environment, Joy Park Montessori provides a unique opportunity for young children to take their first steps towards lifelong learning. The teachers at Joy Park Montessori are well-trained in the Montessori philosophy and are dedicated to helping each child reach their full potential.

Our dentist parent visits a English-Chinese Montessori and teaching Dental Health and Cavity.

Our school's highly qualified and MACTE-accredited teachers provide a developmentally appropriate toddler-designed curriculum that focuses on promoting independence, cognitive and language development, speech, as well as enhancing fine and gross motor skills. The curriculum and environment foster movement and introduce grace and courtesy lessons that improve focus and concentration. Our toddler program places great importance on teaching children to care for themselves.

Our toddler exercises and activities recognize that children learn best through hands-on experiences. Our Montessori materials are safe, accessible, and attractive, designed to help children achieve success. As children grow and learn, we modify our activities to meet their changing needs for variety and challenge. Our safe, loving, and gentle atmosphere makes the transition to school a trusting and spontaneous experience for children and parents. Toddlers can attend school five days a week and choose to stay either for mornings-only or a full day. Upon completing our toddler program, children are ready to continue their education in our Primary program.

Toddler Curriculum

Each curriculum area of Joy Park Montessori classroom emphasizes specific skills, but there is dynamic interplay among the areas, enhancing children’s natural learning process.

The Joy Park Montessori classroom focuses on Practical Life activities that help children develop fundamental skills that prepare them for all other areas of learning. These activities, including food preparation, flower arranging, and table washing, aim to teach children how to care for themselves and their environment. By sharing stories, food, and celebrations, children learn the value of inclusion and develop a sense of community. Grace and courtesy lessons further empower children's experiential learning by teaching them social customs, such as serving snacks, greeting guests, and offering things to others. Toddlers, who are in the height of their sensorial reception and love to explore, are encouraged to walk and experience the natural world through their senses. Finally, the circle of family, caregivers, classmates, and teachers creates a mutually informative and expanding community.

A cute student in Joy Park Montessori is practicing using practical life materials in our English-Chinese Montessori classroom. With a look of concentration on their face, the student is carefully pouring water from a pitcher into a small cup, using a steady hand and precise movements.
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