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At JPME, we offer great Montessori education that focuses on child-led learning and hands-on experiences. Our highly trained Montessori teachers provide individualized attention to ensure each child reaches their full potential. Join us for a high-quality preschool experience near you.


Our mission at JPME is to foster a lifelong love of learning in a nurturing, language-immersive environment that encourages independent thinking and exploration. We provide high-quality education that promotes creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills, empowering our students to become compassionate, confident, and globally-minded individuals.

At JPME, we provide a great Montessori education that includes a focus on art. Our experienced teachers guide children to express themselves creatively through various mediums, fostering their imagination and artistic development. Come and explore our Montessori art program today!

Joy Park Montessori Preschool, established in 2018, is dedicated to inspiring a love for learning and fostering socially responsible, compassionate citizens of the world. Our Montessori-based preschool and childcare programs cater to children from 18 months to 6 years old, offering Toddler and Primary programs. At JPME, we prioritize educating the whole child in a nurturing family-oriented environment. Our approach is rooted in the holistic philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori, addressing the cognitive, language, social, emotional, and physical needs of each child. Our education philosophy emphasizes preparing children for life, and we are proud to provide high-quality education and care that nurtures each child's potential. Join us at JPME and watch your child's future blossom!

Our Sustainability Mission

Our Diversity Statement

Statement of Non-Discrimination

Joy Park Montessori Preschool promotes an enduring bond with the worldwide environment by connecting knowledge, investigation, and implementation. Our institution empowers present cohorts to fulfill their necessities without imperiling the capacity of upcoming cohorts to satisfy theirs, thereby erecting a forthcoming that bolsters the existence of all life forms on our planet. Our efforts aim to enhance sustainability, conservation, and preservation for a greener tomorrow. Choose JPME for an education that values the environment and cultivates responsible global citizens.

We uphold diversity as a fundamental principle and promote awareness of the global community by creating a safe and welcoming space for people of different cultures, races, and languages. We prioritize learning and growing together, acknowledging and celebrating our shared humanity. Join our inclusive and respectful environment that values diversity and fosters a sense of belonging for all children.

JPME is a non-sectarian institution and does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, religion, national or cultural origin, sexual orientation, family structure, political belief, or disability in the administration of its admissions, financial assistance, education or employment practices.


Joy Park Montessori School is a top-ranked educational institution in the north Austin Texas area that prioritizes the development of practical life skills alongside a rigorous academic curriculum. Our unique approach ensures that students learn valuable competencies such as time management, self-regulation, conflict resolution, and collaboration, while also gaining fluency in both English and Chinese through our immersive language program. With experienced and compassionate Montessori-trained teachers leading every classroom, our welcoming and nurturing school community empowers students to confidently share their thoughts, ideas, and feelings. Unlike other educational institutions, we recognize the crucial role that practical life skills play in our students' success, which is why our preschool program emphasizes both academic and life skills development to prepare young learners for a successful future. 

JPME offers an exceptional Montessori education in English and Chinese immersive environment for preschoolers. Our highly trained teachers use the Montessori approach to encourage language learning and cultural understanding. Join us for an unforgettable educational experience!
  • Authentic Montessori principles combined with language immersion

  • A focus on fostering a lifelong love of learning

  • Experienced teachers who use a play-based learning approach to enhance child development and creativity

  • A cheerful and self-reliant environment that prioritizes community

  • Empowering students to become confident and empathetic global citizens

  • High-quality childcare center and preschool education that prepares children for academic, social, and emotional growth

  • Bilingual education that promotes language development and prepares children for success in a globalized world

  • A safe and nurturing environment that offers the best of Montessori methodology and language immersion program

  • A top-rated preschool in North Austin, Texas*.

From Toddlers through Age 6,

Joy Park Montessori provides a well-rounded education that focuses on both academic excellence and language development. Our classrooms are carefully designed to provide a supportive and stimulating environment that encourages children to explore their independence and unique personalities while nurturing their innate passion for learning. We believe that the process of education is just as important as the educational material itself when it comes to your child's growth at JPME. Our preschool program offers a comprehensive and engaging learning experience that prepares your child for a bright future filled with endless possibilities.



At Joy Park Montessori Preschool, we are proud to offer our youngest students a unique opportunity to effortlessly master a second language while receiving a top-quality Montessori education.
Our Mandarin Immersion programs allow English-speaking children to acquire a second language naturally, with the goal of becoming bilingual by kindergarten and enjoying the lifelong benefits of early bilingualism. As one of the first Montessori schools to offer full language immersion, we have established a proven approach that delivers a top-quality immersion experience. Since 2018, we have expanded our language immersion programs to all curricula, thanks to numerous parent requests.
Our application process for language immersion programs follows the same steps as our regular Montessori programs, with eligibility and enrollment based on various factors. For more information on our Mandarin Immersion programs, please contact us directly. Give your child the gift of bilingualism and a high-quality education at Joy Park Montessori Preschool.

Top Benefits of English-Chinese Bilingualism In Early Education
English and Chinese bilingualism has unique benefits for kids. Here are the top benefits of English-Chinese bilingualism in early education:

1. Cognitive Development: Bilingualism has been shown to improve cognitive abilities, including problem-solving, critical thinking, and creativity. Learning English and Chinese together can also enhance cognitive flexibility and improve memory. 2. Enhanced Communication Skills: Being bilingual in English and Chinese allows children to communicate with a wider range of people and opens up more opportunities for social interaction, both locally and globally. 3. Improved Cultural Awareness: Learning English and Chinese provides children with an understanding and appreciation of both cultures and ways of life, enhancing their ability to navigate diverse social and cultural situations. 4. Higher Academic Achievement: Studies have shown that bilingual children perform better academically, particularly in areas such as reading, writing, and math. With English and Chinese proficiency, children are better equipped to succeed in an increasingly globalized world. 5. Stronger Brain Development: Bilingualism has been shown to strengthen the brain's neural connections, leading to improved overall brain function and development. Learning English and Chinese together can enhance the brain's executive function and working memory. 6. Greater Adaptability: Bilingual children tend to be more adaptable and flexible in new and unfamiliar situations, thanks to their exposure to different languages and cultures. Being fluent in English and Chinese can also open up more opportunities for study and work in the future. 7. Lifelong Learning: Learning English and Chinese is a lifelong skill that can open doors to new experiences and personal growth. English and Chinese are among the most widely spoken languages in the world, providing children with a valuable asset that can benefit them throughout their lives.

* 5-star Google consumer rating

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