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Children engaged in hands-on learning activities in a bright and spacious classroom at Joy Park English-Chinese Immersive Montessori Preschool in Austin. The classroom features child-sized furniture, colorful Montessori materials, and a variety of educational resources to encourage exploration and creativity. A trained Montessori teacher guides students in individual and small group activities, fostering independence and self-directed learning.

Primary Program

(3 - 6YR)

The Primary program accommodates children aged 3 to 6 years, who spend three years in a classroom alongside peers of different ages. This mixed-age setting allows them to develop close relationships with both their fellow students and teachers over an extended period.


Having the same classroom every year creates a sense of continuity, fostering a cohesive classroom community that benefits both children and parents.

Students at Joy Park English-Chinese Immersive Montessori Preschool in Austin practice writing skills in a cozy and inviting classroom. The Montessori teacher provides individualized support as students work with child-sized writing materials, including pencils, paper, and a chalkboard. Natural light and colorful classroom decor create a warm and inspiring learning environment.

Dr. Maria Montessori (1870 – 1952) pioneered a natural learning philosophy that encourages children to develop and grow through spontaneous, self-directed activities. Her approach to education recognizes that the first stage of human development (birth to age 6) is a time of incredible potential for learning and growth, known as the absorbent mind. At Joy Park Montessori Preschool, we provide children with a variety of materials and experiences that stimulate all five senses - touch, taste, smell, sight, and hearing - to help them understand and absorb information about their environment. We also understand that children experience "sensitive periods" during this time, where they are particularly open to learning and development. Our skilled teachers help children refine their senses and perfect their natural learning tools during these periods.

At our preschool, primary children learn by doing. The hands-on approach to learning is a hallmark of Montessori education, with students working with specially designed materials to manipulate and investigate until they master each lesson. Our teachers guide students through the curriculum, introducing new challenges when children are ready and allowing them to practice what they have learned. As children grow, the classroom materials grow with them, allowing older children to explore the curriculum in new and deeper ways.
The 3-6-year-old age group undergoes significant changes, including the transition to cooperative play, more complex social interactions, and the beginning of skills in writing and reading. There is also an emergence of number sense and the foundations of math, as well as great changes in physical development. Our Montessori teachers are well-equipped to respond to these changes in social and emotional, cognitive, and physical development by providing appropriate lessons that support each child's growth and emerging capabilities. Primary children can attend our school five days a week, with the option to stay for mornings-only or a full day. Our bilingual English-Chinese immersive school environment further enhances learning opportunities for our students. Join us at Joy Park Montessori Preschool for an exceptional educational experience for your child.

Primary Curriculum

In JPME Montessori classroom, students engage in immersive learning through specially designed materials that are hands-on, multi-sensory, and self-correcting. These materials facilitate dynamic interaction among various curriculum areas, building upon each other and interrelating to enhance children's natural interest in learning. The specific skills developed in each area are dependent on skills learned in other areas, further fueling children's enthusiasm for learning.

With Joy Park Montessori approach, each child is encouraged to progress at their own pace, allowing them to be appropriately challenged and develop proficiency in each area according to their individual needs and development. Through this individualized approach, children are able to reach their full potential and develop a love of learning that will stay with them for a lifetime.

The Joy Park Montessori classroom prioritizes Practical Life activities as a fundamental aspect of a child's development, as they offer essential preparation for all other areas. These exercises facilitate the refinement of fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, hand strength, balance, concentration, and self-sufficiency in children. With regular practice of these exercises, children can develop practical skills that will prove invaluable throughout their lives. The Primary Practical Life exercises encompass a range of activities, including Pouring, Lacing, Scooping, Flower Arranging, Food Preparation and Serving, and Table Washing.

A student at Joy Park English-Chinese Immersive Montessori Preschool in Austin practices practical life skills by using Montessori toys to learn about shapes, sizes, and colors. The student is seen using a child-sized hammer and pegboard to develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. The classroom features a variety of Montessori materials and learning tools, creating a stimulating and educational environment that encourages hands-on learning and exploration.
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