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( After School Enrichment)

Enrichment programs for students play a crucial role in fostering cognitive and social development, introducing children to new activities and hobbies, and equipping them with the attitudes and skills necessary to accomplish their academic objectives.


All students can benefit from the educational and developmental opportunities offered through Joy Park Enrichment programs


Yoga Lesson

Joy Park's enrichment programs are designed to support children in developing a range of skills, such as problem-solving, critical thinking, communication, and creativity, while also promoting social and emotional intelligence. Their programs cater to a diverse range of interests, including Chinese language classes, sports clubs, philosophy classes, dance classes, music lessons, Yoga, and art classes, among others.

One of the significant advantages of Joy Park's enrichment programs is that they are integrated into the Montessori method of education. This approach emphasizes a child's individuality and fosters independence, self-confidence, and a lifelong love of learning. The enrichment programs at Joy Park help reinforce these principles, providing children with a well-rounded educational experience.

Joy Park's enrichment programs are not just about having fun and learning new skills; they also provide children with essential opportunities to develop positive social skills and build meaningful relationships. These programs foster a sense of belonging and community, helping children feel comfortable in group settings and allowing them to develop the necessary skills to succeed in all areas of their lives.

Enrichment Curriculum

Joy Park Enrichment programs are scheduled extracurricular classes where students can receive advanced academic instruction or discover new hobbies, interests and activities outside our classroom setting.

Enrichment programs come in many different shapes and sizes. Some of the most common formats include:

  • Sports & Recreation Enrichment Programs

  • Language Enrichment Programs

  • Arts Enrichment Programs

  • Music Enrichment Programs

  • STEM (coming soon)

Enrichment programs give students the opportunity to explore new activities, develop new skills, and socialize with others outside of the classroom setting. They can be scheduled for after school or during summer vacation. 

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